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sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2013

2014 Can Be A Banner Year for CAT

I am not much into shedding light on individual tickers.
This chart is awesome, though.

Treas: The Mighty Moving Avg Still Holds...

quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013

sexta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2013

terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013

Jobs Report Knocked Down Treasuries...

First take a look at the previous chart here, then see one below...

sexta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2013

Motif For This Trade? Area Gap, Again

I do think any weakness in equities is to be
a short-term buying opportunity until year's end.
TLT price action still looks frothy on the daily chart.

terça-feira, 22 de outubro de 2013

Noteworthy Breakdown In The Light Crude

There seems to be little hope for West Texas bulls at this point...

sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2013

My (Pyrrhic) Overnight Trade

Source: Wall Street Survivor (stock game)

quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Homage To Joe Granville

USO is the most liquid oil-related ETF on Wall St.

A Daytrade For A Change!

Expiration-week days can exhibit intense intraday rallies...
Treas. prices (i.e. TLT) are creeping up.
Not ripe for a multi-day rally yet, though.
(I suppose...)

sexta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2013

Getting Rid Of Morning Gappers...

TLT gapped up at the open.
And experience tells me TLT fills area gaps quickly.
Why hold a long position?

segunda-feira, 7 de outubro de 2013

Bonds Playing Wait-And-See...

Bonds are treading water.
It seems that when the bickering in DC comes to an end
 Treas. yields are likely to spike in a kind of knee-jerk reaction.

In the worst case scenario I expect TLT prices to trade at 105-ish level
in October. Beware: Rallies usually start following gapdowns at the open...

quarta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2013

Stock Game Update

Wall St. Survivor Rule: "Traders may invest a maximum of twenty-five (25)
percent of their portfolio value in any one stock." 

segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2013

Difference Between Investors And Lemmings?

Stimulated by never-ending media hype, 
retail investors (tipically long-only) feel the urge to google "Noriel Roubini" 
(aka, Dr. Doom) whenever equities start melting down. Hilarious, isn't it?
Source: Google Trends
In this respect there is no difference between human beings and lemmings.
Source: Google Images

quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2013

Treasuries: Down And Out On Wall St.?

Treas. is not a reliable long-term holding but...

quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2013

Short-Term Downside Momentum Waning...

Take note quantities of inverse ETFs (QID and SPXU) were lowered.

terça-feira, 27 de agosto de 2013

How About Another "Fantasy Trade"?

Fantasy Game: Wall St. Survivor
Source: ETF Data Base

segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

"Wall St. Survivor" Is Still The Same...

Intense traffic now and then knocks down internet servers.

quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

Harassed By The FED Minutes

Short trade (red) failed my checklist. But It was placed in error. :P

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

FED Sends Brazilian Real Reeling

"Please do not leave us holding the bag!" :D